One of the most transformative, insightful books I’ve ever read is called “Mindset The New Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck”.  Ms. Dweck is an accomplished professor and researcher specializing in the psychology of “success” and “failure”.  But before I get into the book and how it can change your life (and I believe it can), I want to give you a little background on how i came across this groundbreaking book.

I have personally always been trying to figure out why people do what they do.  Why some people become successful and others don’t achieve their full potential.  For me it started in college when I was first exposed to psychology.  It gave me the first glimpse through a window into myself and why I routinely acted in a self destructive way.  Learning basic psychology was like puling the curtain back on a completely unknown world to me of the subconscious mind and internal motivations that were previously completely unknown.  That led to a lifelong interest in learning and digging into my own mind.  A rabbit hole with an unbelievable complex labyrinth underneath the surface.  Through the years I read many books on psychology, success and achievement.  I also bought personal development courses and went to many seminars trying to unlock the “secrets” to success.

As the years rolled on, started several small businesses believing I had what it took to run a successful business.  I eked out a sparse existence running these businesses.  Never able to take any of them to the next level.  I couldn’t figure out why.  I was smart.  I THOUGHT I believed in myself and had the ability to do so much more than I was doing.  After many tries’ I noticed a pattern had developed.  At the beginning I was motivated and excited.  I would start to learn about the new thing I was doing.  I had grand visions of the business I would create and the massive amounts of money that would inevitably roll in.  And I would get to a certain level of sustainability (eke out an existence) and then I would end up quitting or moving on to the next thing.  After several attempts, over many years I finally realized that I would hit a wall when…I had to learn new skills I did not already possess in order to grow the business further.  I would learn the skills that interested me but not the one’s that didn’t.  And in business, there are skills needed that aren’t always interesting or fun.  I would come up with a hundred excuses why the business didn’t work.  But the unwillingness to learn new skills always destroyed the business.

Why?  Why would the books I read and the courses I took not had the effect on me that it seemed had on others?  Why, if I believed in Tony Robbins did my businesses not take off?  Why didn’t the information STICK?!  Why didn’t it change me?  Well Carol Dweck had the answer for me.  It was my “Mindset”.

Check back tomorrow for for the life altering review of this amazing book.

For today, believe that you are about to uncover the obstacle that has been holding you back.  Be great.


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